Chitwan National Park Nepal

Chitwan National park is one of the oldest and first National Park in Nepal. The park is enlisted in the World UNESCO heritage site in 1973. The park is suited in Mid Southen parts of Nepal. As per the record of the Nepal Government the park is the most visited place in Nepal for domestic and international tourists. During our Visit to Chitwan, we have found most of the tourists are from Russia, China, and the United States. While listing in the Ramsar convention in 1987, the legal buffer zone of the Royal Chitawan National Park publicity flows entirely in the world.

Chitwan National Park Nepal

The place is primarily famous for Jungle Safari where visitors can feel real wildlife experiences in Chitwan. In jungle safari, you can take either jeep or Asiatic elephants. if you take a jeep on safari, we can visit the entire park within a day but in the case of elephants safari, there are predefined routes where you only enjoy certain places. if you take both of them for visit it will be too incredible to check our Chitwan national park.

One-horned rhinoceros in Chitwan National park Nepal

The major attraction of Jungle safari is to look out for rare One-horned Rhinoceros and Royal Bengal Tiger. The one-horned rhinoceros is a protected animal by Nepal Government and the number of such rhinoceros is very fewer in this universe. Most of the tourist comes in Chitwan National Park is to view One-Horned Rhinoceros. In jungle safari, we are taken or ride in a silent canoe to the deepest part of the forest where you catch wildlife by surprise. There is another option for jungle safari where you can walk with experienced guides.

Lake in Chitwan

There are many lakes and rivers lies inside the Park where you can find gharial and marsh mugger crocodiles basking in the sun. Inside the lake, you can enjoy the boating facility where we can view some of the parts of Chitwan National Park.

Elephant and gharial breeding centers in Chitwan

Inside the park, there is an Elephants breeding center where the life cycle of elephants is perfectly explained and makes sense to visitors. The breeding center is another quiet zone to spend quality time with children.

Tharu Cultural Show in Chitwan Nepal

Nepal is a multicultural country, the indigenous community and their culture vary from each other. In Chitwan, the major tribes of Chaudhary or Tharu community are higher than other districts. Visitors are allowed to visit and observe the local tribe life i.e. in Tharu Village. The traditional mud houses and their hospitality visitors to being again in Chitwan. In addition, you can enjoy their food and be allowed to stay in Homestay.

Tharu Dance in Chitwan Nepal

Every Evening in the Chitwan inside the Show Hall you can watch Tharu Cultural Dance performed by the Tharu Community. The dance they perform on various occasions is explained before the dance performance. At last, the campfire add another essence to your journey.

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