There are thousands of Computer Fundamentals MCQ available over the internet. However, The questions and answers are provided in reading mode instead of practice mode. To enable practice mode, the user interface is designed as per requirement.  The answer with explanation helps you to discover additional things inside the single page. Therefore, it helps to discover new things and ideas for further improvement. if you are preparing for the exam of Banking, Public Service Commission PSC, and Banking, You are here in the right place to practice. We have collected more than one thousand questions and answer regarding Computer fundamentals MCQ. The collection of MCQ is from various books, the internet, and other resources. Taking consideration of the previously asked question, we have added additional probabilistic questions and answers.

Before starting the Computer Fundaments MCQ, it is very essential to know what subject matter is included in your syllabus. The basic topic which is included in this section is as follows.

  • Computer Definition, History, Generation, Characteristics, Type, and Applications
  • Overview of Computer System
  • Setting & Protection of Computer Room and Computer
  • Concepts of Computer related threats remedies and protection
  • Concepts of Multimedia
  • File Management Basic
  • Computer Networking
  • Introduction to ASCII and Unicode Standards
  • Number System
  • IT Policy
  • Electronic Transaction ACT.

Now Ready to Practice for Computer Fundamentals MCQ. For easier and user-friendliness we are explaining some topics in the answer section.

Computer Fundamental MCQ Set 1

Computer Fundamental MCQ Set 2

Computer Fundamental MCQ Set 3

Computer Fundamental MCQ Set 4

Computer Fundamental MCQ Set 5

Computer Fundamental MCQ Set 6

Computer Fundamental MCQ Set 7

Computer Fundamental MCQ Set 8

Computer Fundamental MCQ Set 9

Computer Fundamental MCQ Set 10

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