Dolpa Phoksundo Lake

Phoksundo Lake inside the Hidden Valley of Dolpa Nepal

The most amazing place to visit in Nepal and feel out of the World and view the pristine, turquoise water of Phoksundo Lake in Dolpa Nepal. Another part of Dolpa is Hidden Valley where every visitor feels pure and fantastic Himalayan Lifestyle as an outside world. The ancient Shey Gumba or Monastery is another part of the attraction. 

Phoksundo Lake Dolpa

Those who are adventure people and want to trek in long routes countering Himalayan Lifestyle Dolpa is the perfect location in Nepal. While in Trekking inside the hidden valley the altitude of lower to higher makes more incredible the journey. Viewing the rural lifestyle of Dolpa People and ancient Peaceful Shey Monastery in the routes encourages to be peace in trekking.

Trek in Hidden Valley Dolpa

The traditional house made of stone, surrounding mountains on the north side and great hospitality of Dolpali People once retun hidden happiness in our life. 

People of Dolpa

The culture of Dolpa is far different than our expectations. Their dresses, lifestyle, culture are beyond the world.

Phoksundo Lake

The biggest Phoksundo lake and nearby villages, traditional houses and incredible culture may your life experiences. In recent dates, Most of the tourist goes through trekking rather than the vehicle. The trekking route are available in Nepal Tourism Board Office as well as Google Map helps to reach very easier. The hidden valley, Shey Monostray, Phoksundo lake are the main attractions of Dolpa, and most of the visitor preferences Dolpa is a good tourism destination in Nepal.

Visit Nepal and Feel Lifetime Experiences.

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