Rara Lake

Rara Lake “The biggest lake of Nepal”

Nowadays, The most awaited destination to visit among all the Nepalese People is Rara Lake because its beautifulness attracts everyone’s heart in once a second is which is located at Rara National Park. The Rara Lake lies in two districts i.e. Mugu and Jumla in Karnali Province. An elevation of Rara is 2,990 meters from sea level. The water surface is approximately 10.8 KM square and the depth of the lake is 167 Meter. The lake is one of the biggest lakes in Nepal.

The morning mesmerizing view of Rara lake is attracting millions of people and seems like it is welcoming the entire world. There are several Nepali poems, songs that are written by various people after visiting the lake.

Tourist in Rara Lake

Nowadays, Not only domestic tourist international tourists are also visiting Rara lake to explore its beauty. The real paradise of Earth and explore the natural beauty in Rara is incredible.

Rara Lake Trekking

The Rara Lake is 2.7 Kilometers long. The trekking route is developed by the government of Nepal with the support of local bodies. Those who are interested to view the lake from all parts can trek and enjoy their travel journey. For those who can not walk there is another option of horse riding to view the entire lake.

Rara National Park- Rara Lake view from Rara View Point

From the surface of Rara lake, it is not possible to view the lake in a single veiw. There is a view tower point where we can view the entire lake veiw.

Evening View of Rara Lake

The morning and evening view of Rara Lake is very incredible than the day’s view. The sun on the horizon and its lights in the lake views are the best views among others.

Boating in Rara Lake

Another nice thing that can you do in Rara lake is boating. The committee of the Rara Lake development provides a boating facility for visitors at minimal costs. we can explore the outsider view of pine jungles and beautiful hills and mountains from boating.

Hotel & Homestay near Rara Lake

There are several hotels near Rara Lake. Instead of a hotel, I would like to recommend staying in a homestay. The local food items and their culture are other amazing parts during the visit.

Snowfall in Rara Lake

In the season of winter, the snowfall and the frozen lake are the main attractions. Just imagine, you are walking in the lake. your imagination comes true if you visit in the winter season.

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