Sandakphu Trekking

Sandakphu Photo Features of Himalayan Ranges, Sunrise, Sunset, and Cloud view from Sunrise View Point.

The place once is recognized by differently by two parts of People i.e. India and Nepal. In Nepal same place is recognized by Sandakpur and Sandakphu in India. The place located on the borderline has the same issues globally regarding the name. Same the place sandakpur or sandakphu lies in Indo Nepal border. The up-growing attraction of tourism has undertaken that place to visit people from Nepal and India equally. The mesmerizing view of Sunrise, Sunset, and Himalayan range from sandakphu or sandakpur catches every tourist’s heart and feel likes that they are in Heaven.

Himalayan View from Sandakpur or Sandakphu. Photo Credit:

The world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest Sagarmatha can view from sandakur. In addition, you can able to view more than 11 peaks from one place. The world’s third tallest mountain Kanchanjunga can also view from sandakpur Sunrise Point.

Cloud View from Sandakphu or Sandakpur. Photo Credit:

The mesmerizing cloud view from Sandakpur. While in some months that is in January in February you can able to view as in the picture.

Trekking way Sandhakphu or Sandakpur Photo Credit:

The destination Sandakphu or Sandakpur has also trekking roots. In India, the trekking started from Manebhangyang which is located on the Indo Nepal border, and in Nepal, the trekking starts from Ilam Bazar or Mabo. The trekking roots’ last destination is Phalut which is on the border of West Sikkim & Nepal. Normally, the perfect season for trekking is except May, June, July, and August. In the rainy season, it is not comfortable for trekking.

Trekking Route of Sandakphu or Sandakpur Photo Credit:

While you start trekking in sandakphu or sandakpur you can see the rural life experiences. Beautiful house made of stone and clay with zinc roof.

Nepal India border Pilier Photo Credit:

As I mention earlier Sandakpur lies in Indo Border. In the part of Nepal, there is a Sunrise viewpoint where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Himalayan Ranges.

Nepal and India View from Sandakpur Photo Credit:

The land you can experience in both countries. the right part of the land is in Nepal and the left part of the land is in India.

Sunset View from Sandakphu or Sandakpur Photo Credit:

Sandakpur or Sandakphu is also popular for sunrise and sunset view. At the time of evening, you have a good experience of the sunset.

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