Upper Mustang Nepal

Upper Mustang in Nepal is one of the most incredible places to visit which is located in the South Part of Mustang District. The Place beyond or over the Himalayan is known as Mustang where we can view the Himalayan Ranges in the North part. Most of the Himalayan Ranges in Nepal are viewed in North Parts instead of Mustang and Upper Mustang. The Upper Mustang and Lo Mangthang are recognized as a most attractive places to visit in Nepal by Nepal Tourism Board.

Upper Mustang

Mustang was an independent kingdom before the eighteenth century. At that time the capital of mustang was Lo Mangthang. The Royal Palace is are still exists in Lo Manthang Upper Mustang. The ancient mud palace lies in Lo Mangthag is great to witness of that ruling time by King in Mustang.

Upper Mustang

The standing mud hills without any plants over the horizan are a great adventure for all those people who visit there. In such hills, the trekking route has been already developed. People who love in trekking to such places will be an incredible journey forever in their life span.

Mountain Biking in Upper Mustang

The route for Mountain biking from Mustang to Upper Mustang is well developed. You can enjoy approximately 40 Kilometers of Mountain biking. For those who have altitude problems, we suggest for oxygen cylinders to mitigate further health-associated risks. Most of the people who come to the Upper Mustang need to experiment with it.

Hiking in Upper Mustang

Looking at the beautiful view of the Mountain the journey of Hiking in the Upper Mustang is another part. i have seen lots of people start hike from Mustang Jomshom to Upper Mustang Lo mangthag.  As in Mountain biking, you need to check your health safety materials and suggest being in a group while on the hike.

Palace in Upper Mustang

Before the eighteen century, The mustang was a separate territory where the king of mustang rules over the mustang district. The existing Royal Palace of the king still exists. You can view ancient materials which are used by the king.

Lo Mangthang

While visiting in upper mustang, the staying facility is available in Lo Mangthang. Lo Mangthang was the capital of Mustang before being annexed to the Kingdom of Nepal. After the federalization in Nepal in 2063 BS, it lies in Lo Mangthang Rural Municipality.





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